Welcome to the ISAZ Student Blog

Hello and welcome to Becoming an Anthrozoologist, the new International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) student blog! The ISAZ student chapter is excited to present this blog as a forum for students to share their research, learn about the work of other students in anthrozoology, and connect with others in the field. The blog is edited by the student chapter, in collaboration with two faculty editors, Dr. Pauleen Bennett and Dr. James Serpell.

We will have a new post by a different student member of ISAZ four times a year (January, April, July, October). We aim to showcase the diversity and interdisciplinary nature of research that falls under the category of anthrozoology. We will do so by featuring research on a wide range of topics, species, and populations.

If you are a student member of ISAZ, we hope that you will consider submitting. If you are a full member of ISAZ, we hope you will follow the ISAZ student blog as a way to stay up to date with the work of new researchers in the field. If you are not a member of ISAZ, but you are a professional in anthrozoology, thank you for visiting the blog and we hope you will also visit the ISAZ website to learn more about the benefits of joining ISAZ. If you are someone who is interested in anthrozoology, but doesn’t work in the field professionally, we are delighted to have you visit the blog and learn about the latest research on the study of interactions between people and animals.

Thank you for reading and a very warm welcome to the ISAZ Student Blog.

Best wishes,

Molly Crossman, ISAZ Student Board Member


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