Thank you for your interest in submitting to the new International Society for Anthrozoology student blog! The blog is edited by the ISAZ student chapter and will be published quarterly. The purpose of the blog is to promote ISAZ and its online presence, encourage student networking, and facilitate collaboration among researchers in anthrozoology. In addition, the blog will serve as an avenue for student members of ISAZ to showcase their work.

Eligibility Requirements: To submit, you must be currently enrolled in an academic program.


  • All topics within broad category of anthrozoology/human-animal interaction (including animal behavior and cognition) will be considered.
  • Blog postings should cover a topic broadly related to the author’s area of expertise and should be well researched.
  • Posts should be written in language accessible to a lay audience and should not simply be a reposting of an academic article.
  • Posts should have a clear thesis, introduced early in the post.
  • Posts should include a reference list (with links to references).
  • Posts must be original content and appropriately credit all referenced sources.
  • Length: 500 to 1000 words
  • Please see for examples of previous posts.
  • Accepted posts must be approved by the author’s academic advisor prior to publication on the blog.

Acceptable Formats:

  • Overview of author’s recently published empirical study or literature review (must include full citation and must not violate journal’s copyright regulations). Unpublished data/manuscripts should not be covered.
  • Commentary on a topic of public interest related to anthrozoology.
  • Synthesis/discussion of recent studies in a particular area (with appropriate citations).
  • Brief essay/commentary on experience conducting research in anthrozoology.

To Submit:

  • Send submissions, along with details of author background (name, school, program, research focus) to with the subject line “ISAZ Student Blog Submission.”
  • If accepted, a full version of the proposed post must be reviewed and approved by the student’s advisor. All submissions will be reviewed by the ISAZ Student Blog student editor and faculty editors.


  • Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. The blog is released quarterly (January 15, April 15, June 15, and September 15). Submissions received after a post has already been selected will automatically be considered for the next edition.

Questions: Send questions to